CM Storm Ceres 500 Gaming Headset Review

Usage & Testing
Now as always the best part of all reviews is the testing. For the CM Storm Ceres 500 it is truly plug and play. There is no special software to install, just plug in the headset wait for Windows 7/8 to recognize the CM Storm Ceres 500 and it is ready to go. Lets do some of the testing and see how it handles.

The CM Storm Ceres 500 has a pretty nice detachable Mic. It is made out of aluminium and is flexible which allows you to bend it to your perfect position. I tested the Microphone in a few different programs. One of the first programs I always like to test is Teamspeak and Ventrilo. While in Teamspeak and Ventrilo everyone said I sounded good and there was not any static or weird sounds. While playing BF4 and also CS:GO no one had a single issue with my microphone at all, as they said, it sounded good.

I happen to listen to music for a few hours a day while working or at my desk. The CM Storm Ceres 500 was able to keep up with my music playlists which consist of music ranging from Electronic to Rap to Jazz to Rock. The only thing which seems to toss the headset off of its game was the bass of rap music as sometimes it has fast changing tones. Other than that the CM Storm Ceres 500 handled the music test very well.

This is what the CM Storm Ceres 500 headset was made for. One of the things I really did enjoy was that the CM Storm Ceres 500 was comfortable to wear for hours of gaming. Another one of the things I really enjoyed was that it has a long cord which is wonderful if you want to move around or just recline in your chair while gaming with a controller. Now while gaming in CS:GO and Battlefield 4 I did not run into any big issues with sound or anything else. It was a little different getting used to using Stereo headset as most of them these days have 5.1 or 7.1. But with that being said the CM Storm is one of the nicest Stereo headsets I have used in a while. One of the things I did happen to run into was while playing the Operation Metro in BF4 with everyone nade spamming the bass didn’t seem to like the repeated explosions so close to each other.