Feenix Autore Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Many of you may have never heard of the PC gaming boutique company Feenix. They are a company that focuses extremely high quality gaming gear. Feenix only makes up to a 1000 of each product a month. Each person who purchases their products will receive their own personal own support manager. Which means you will always talk to the same person when you send them an email. Feenix handles everything in house from making sure each customer gets the highest quality product with hand checking each product before it is sold. The Feenix Autore is a mechanical gaming keyboard that features Cherry MX Brown key switches, a unique color design and is resistant to water damage. Lets take a look at the Feenix Autore and see how it handles up to the competition.

Special thanks to Feenix for sending us the Autore Gaming Keyboard to review.

– Original Feenix Design
– Feenix Engineering and Workmanship
– Gold plated mechanical switches
– Gold metal plate for chassis durability
– Aluminum coating with silkscreened Feenix font
– Resistant to water damage
– Feenix braided cord with gold plating
– Gold plated Cherry MX Brown switches, together with Feenix’s lightweight silkscreened keycaps, provide a click feel that is tactile yet astonishingly effortless. The result is faster typing, faster double taps, and minimal fatigue, which is essential for any gamer or typist.
– A gold metal plate running through the length of the chassis provides brilliant durability. A double Polyurethane layer alongside our aluminum coating also provides the Autore with added durability and surface quality.
– With an aesthetic design inspired by the monolith in Kubrick’s “2001: A Space odyssey”, the Autore’s sharp and pure lines join nicely with the understated elegance of the silkscreened Feenix font and aluminum coating. Additionally, a subtle upward angle for the keyboard was implemented to optimize wrist comfort
– Accenting the design nicely are the lock lights which are positioned vertically and lit with Feenix jewel white lighting
– A gold plated modular Mini USB to USB connection with an optional PS/2 adapter offers steadfast transference with Full Key rollover capability
– Every Feenix Autore owner receives their own personally assigned support manager.
– Impeccable build quality makes the Autore resistant to extreme water/beverage damage.

Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Switch
Dimensions: 440*137.5*29.8 mm
Weight: Around 1200 g
Contact Interface: USB or PS/2
Compatible OS: Windows, Mac, or Linux

The Feenix Autore comes in one of the most basic packaging out there. The box is flat black with a glossy Feenix logo on the top. Right where you would open the box is the word “Autore” with the glossy finish.

Feenix Autore Gaming Keyboard

Upon opening the box you will see the keyboard in a protective cover with a USB to PS/2 Adapter. There is also a paper which has your personal support manager contact information, which has their skype name,email and also phone number. We also have all the contents of the box which includes the detachable braided gold plated USB cable.

Feenix Autore Gaming Keyboard

For a full unboxing and overview of the Feenix Autore be sure to check out our video below.

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