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ASUS STRIX Tactic Pro Gaming Keyboard
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ASUS STRIX Tactic Pro Gaming Keyboard Review

ASUS has been expanding their STRIX gaming line from just graphics cards, now they have keyboards, mice, headsets, and even mousepads. Today we will be taking a look at the STRIX Tactic Pro, which is a very nice mechanical gaming keyboard this is being offered with Cherry MX Black, Blue, Red and Brown switches. Besides just coming with mechanical key switches the keyboard has an astounding 21 macro keys, N-Key rollover over USB, full illumination, multimedia keys, and of course software to control everything. Is this a gaming keyboard you should consider? Read on as we find out!

Tt eSPORTS Smart Series App
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Tt eSPORTS Records Realtime Keyboard And Mouse Performance Data with Smart Series

As broadcasting gameplay becomes more and more popular on sites like iNSTAGIB and Twitch, viewers wonder how are some broadcasters just so good at the games they're playing. Watching someone play is only half the story, knowing how they're playing is the other half. Tt eSPORTS looks to shine light on how gamers are playing with Poseidon Z Plus+ Smart Keyboard, and Theron Plus+ Smart Mouse.

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Feenix Autore Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Many of you may have never heard of the PC gaming boutique company Feenix. They are a company that focuses extremely high quality gaming gear. Feenix only makes up to a 1000 of each product a month. Each person who purchases their products will receive their own personal own support manager. Which means you will always talk to the same person when you send them an email. Feenix handles everything in house from making sure each customer gets the highest quality product with hand checking each product before it is sold. The Feenix Autore is a mechanical gaming keyboard that features Cherry MX Brown key switches, a unique color design and is resistant to water damage. Lets take a look at the Feenix Autore and see how it handles up to the competition.

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