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Tt eSPORTS Records Realtime Keyboard And Mouse Performance Data with Smart Series

As broadcasting gameplay becomes more and more popular on sites like iNSTAGIB and Twitch, viewers wonder how are some broadcasters just so good at the games they’re playing. Watching someone play is only half the story, knowing how they’re playing is the other half. Tt eSPORTS looks to shine light on how gamers are playing with Poseidon Z Plus+ Smart Keyboard, and Theron Plus+ Smart Mouse.

Tt eSPORTS Smart Series App

Poseidon Z Plus+ Smart Keyboard, and Theron Plus+ Smart Mouse both have integrated Bluetooth 4.0 to send realtime stats to Tt eSPORTS iOS/Android app. You can have a mobile device sitting beside you showing performance data such as Actions Per Minute, Total Distance, Total Clicks, and Clicks/min for keyboard or mouse. If you aren’t interested in viewing realtime data, you can upload your logs to Tt eSPORTS Plus website to be analyzed, shared with social media, and compared with your friends, or pro gamers. Tt eSPORTS Plus app is free for iOS and Android, but the hardware is $99.99 for Poseidon Z Plus+ Smart Keyboard, and $69.99 for Theron Plus+ Smart Mouse, both are available now.

Tt eSPORTS Smart Series App


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