Mad Catz Shows Off LYNX 9 Mobile Controller

Mad Catz has always delivered innovative and interesting products, but at CES 2015, Mad Catz has taken mobile controllers to an entirely new level. LYNX 9 is a Bluetooth controller at heart, but it can transform into a wireless keyboard, or even break apart to create an ultimate tablet controller.

Mad Catz LYNX 9

If you’re a mobile gamer in search of a Bluetooth controller that can do it all, you may want to take a look at LYNX 9. Analog sticks are adjustable, grips have two different pieces to create a wide or narrow experience, there is a mobile phone holder, QWERTY keyboard, mini touch pad, and also includes a holder for a 7″ tablet. LYNX 9 will work on any device that supports Bluetooth controllers, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod), Android, Windows Phone, PC, MAC, and even an Amazon Fire TV box or stick. Yes, LYNX 9 even has a built-in microphone to provide voice commands to Amazon Fire TV, so you can search for content the easy way. Of course, Apple TV also supports Bluetooth devices, so you can type and navigate around Apple TV with LYNX 9. LYNX 9 is also a great solution for HTPC owners who wouldn’t mind playing some games with Steam Big Picture. Included in LYNX 9’s package is the controller, extra side grips, tablet holder, phone holder, QWERTY keyboard, and a mix of cables that allow you to hook your devices up to a TV.

Mad Catz LYNX 9

Mad Catz LYNX 9

LYNX 9 is slated to release in February 2015 for $299. If you want to secure a unit, head over to to pre-order LYNX 9 now!


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