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CES 2018

Control Your Graphics Card With Your Smartphone!

Almost every graphics card you buy will come with control software for it. In the case of Zotac you have their FireStorm control software, which works really well. Zotac is taking things to the next level and is developing a mobile version of the app which allows you to control your graphics card from your Smartphone!


Mobile App Development Trends In 2016

Mobile users are becoming tech-savvy and are adopting the patterns of movement to make their work productive. Hiring a taxi, shopping online, ordering food, and other day-to-day activities end up being easier with making use of mobile applications. We experienced numerous new innovations in the field of mobile apps in 2015. With the beginning of 2016, some hot trends are most likely to remain, while there will be some brand-new additions to the mobile app patterns in the coming year.

Cooler Master V Digital Power Supply
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Cooler Master Shows Us Their Smart Power Supply & App

At CES 2015 Cooler Master was showing a prototype digital power supply that has some pretty cool features that will allow you to change settings and monitor readings from your mobile device. The power supply is being called the V Digital right now and it features a Bluetooth module and ARM processor that is built into the power supply and works in conjunction with Cooler Master's mobile app.

Tt eSPORTS Smart Series App
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Tt eSPORTS Records Realtime Keyboard And Mouse Performance Data with Smart Series

As broadcasting gameplay becomes more and more popular on sites like iNSTAGIB and Twitch, viewers wonder how are some broadcasters just so good at the games they're playing. Watching someone play is only half the story, knowing how they're playing is the other half. Tt eSPORTS looks to shine light on how gamers are playing with Poseidon Z Plus+ Smart Keyboard, and Theron Plus+ Smart Mouse.

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