Feenix Autore Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Usage & Conclusion
I have been using the Feenix Autore over the past 2 weeks for gaming and some all around the office normal tasks. One of the neat things about the Feenix Autore is that it does not require special drivers or special software to us as it is strictly plug and play. I used the Feenix Autore to play in a few of the upcoming games and some of the newest released games. I have used it while playing the MMO’s Wildstar Closed Beta and also the Elder Scrolls Online Beta. Some of the FPS games I have used the Feenix Autore with have been Titanfall and also CS:GO. While playing FPS games it was nice to use the Feenix Autore as it was a smooth and easy press. Which offers some and fast movement and key presses it also allows for quick follow up. In MMO’s the Feenix Autore offers great key presses for those button mashing MMO’s and those dodging and running from enemies.

While playing this games I did really enjoy the Cherry MX Brown Switches. They offer a nice tactile feedback over the Cherry MX Red switches which most keyboards use these days. They are also a little bit quieter than most of the other while offering a smooth press. The only time the Feenix Autore seems to get noisy while typing is when you bottom out the keys. Which only happens when you get into a heated battle or am angry typing at someone.

Overall the build quality and the time I have spent testing the Feenix Autore I have really enjoyed. There is one thing I would like to see but really isn’t needed is a soft white led backlight on the Feenix Autore as when it is dark or low light. Other than that the keyboard is amazing and has a great layout and feel to it. The Feenix Autore also has a great weight to it so it won’t slide around your desk with its grippy rubber feet. The Feenix Autore has been amazing to use for working and gaming and will be sitting on my desk for quite a while now as it has became my favorite keyboard I have ever had. I can only see good things coming from Feenix over the course of the next few years if they keep it up with the quality of their products.

You can currently only find the Feenix Autore on their website for $163. You will however get an amazing product with your own Support Manager and a keyboard that is made in limited batches. Overall Thinkcomputers give the Feenix Autore Gaming Keyboard a 10 out of 10 score.

rating10 10 small

– No frills gaming keyboard
– Waterproof
– Quality built
– Perfect design
– No software needed

– Price

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