CM Storm QuickFire XT Gaming Keyboard Review

We’ve seen gaming keyboard’s evolve over the past 5 years. First it was mechanical key switches, then backlighting, and now we are seeing RGB backlighting. While having lights and everything are cool and all if the keyboard itself is made poorly and does not perform well no one is going to be buying your keyboard anyways. That brings us to the CM Storm QuickFire XT, which has actually been on the market since 2013. Three years later the keyboard is still being sold and retains its retail value being sold for $92.17 at our favorite online retailer. The QuickFire XT is a full 104-key mechanical gaming keyboard, and that is it. No flashy lights, no crazy software, just a pure keyboard. Our version of the keyboard (SGK-4030-GKCL1) comes with Cherry MX Blue mechanical key switches, but Cooler Master offers the keyboard in all Cherry MX flavors. Let’s take a look and see why the QuickFire XT is still a top seller after 3 years.

Special thanks to Cooler Master for providing us with the QuickFire XT Gaming Keyboard to review.


The QuickFire XT comes in a retail box that is not much larger than keyboard itself. On the front there is a photo of the keyboard and it lets us know our version has Cherry MX Blue switches.


Flipping over to the back there is a list of features in quite a few different languages.


Getting everything out of the box we have the QuickFire XT keyboard, USB cable, USB to PS/2 adapter, a few extra keycaps, a keycap remover, and user’s guide.


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