Colorful iGame RTX 4090 Overclocked to 3.825 GHz

As of now, there isn’t any competition for the highest GPU clock on a popular HWBOT site. Although, some benchmarks like GPUPI that measure time are often used to claim such records. In November, it was reported that the GALAX HOF RTX 4090 GPU broke the 3.825 GHz barrier in the GPUPI benchmark, making it the highest clock ever achieved on a graphics card. It’s important to note that GPUPI is not a 3D test, but rather a simple calculation of PI using the GPU’s power.

Similarly, the Unigine Superposition test isn’t designed for gaming either, but it’s a full 3D test that can push many cards to their limits, especially with the 8K profile. An overclocker named “CENS” has been working on setting world records with the newly launched GeForce RTX 4090 iGame LAB, which is a high-end Colorful GPU made for extreme overclocking.

rtx4090 oc 2

CENS has shared screenshots revealing that the card reached a clock speed as high as 3.825 GHz during the test. The system used for the test included Intel Core i9-13900K hardware and was cooled with custom liquid nitrogen cooling, bringing the temperature down to an incredibly chilly -192Β°C. It’s important to note that this kind of cooling is not recommended for home use!

rtx4090 oc 1

It is also worth noting that CENS’ achievement earned them the first place in the official Superposition benchmark, with an impressive score of 18701 points.