Colorful Launches iGame Z690D5 Ultra Motherboard For Under $300

Colorful has announced its latest motherboard, the iGame Z690D5 Ultra, which comes with large silver heatsinks made of aluminum as well as a white colored PCB. All other things are in black including the DIMM slots, the headers, and the ICs. This addition of black hints adds an amazing contrast with the silver and the white.

COLORFUL Z690D5 ULTRA 7 videocardz

The motherboard will have two PCIe 4.0 x16 slots for high-end graphics cards and SSDs based on high-speed AIC NVMe. In addition to this, there are three M.2 PCIe Gen4 x4 slots that feature the enlarged high performing heatsinks for the SSDs.

COLORFUL Z690D5 ULTRA 1 videocardz

These heatsinks are there so they can keep cooling the MOSFETs as well as the VRM. Thanks to this smart approach, the need for an active fan is no longer required. These extrusions allow for a larger surface area for heat to dissipate, allowing for more efficient cooling. Moving on to the design, the silver wave makes the motherboard very eye-catching which makes it perfect for the gamers and their gaming environment. Builders nowadays also look for these catchy designs for their PC builds.

COLORFUL Z690D5 ULTRA 6 videocardz

The specs on the iGame Z690D5 Ultra also don’t disappoint. The motherboard comes with DDR5 memory support and as already mentioned it has ample slots for high performing SSDs and graphics cards. It will be shipping to retailers this month and will be available for a price of $289.

Via VideoCardz