Cooler Master Debuts Budget Cases at CES 2018

CES 2018 is full of high-end product releases and all sorts of product releases for devices and services that many users will never have a chance to experience. Thankfully, companies like Cooler Master realize this, and they have brought the Q300L and Q300P to market for users with their budgets in mind.

The Q300L and Q300P are, at their core, the same case, save for their exterior aesthetics and features. Both cases feature a design that allows for both a standard and vertical MicroATX/Mini-ITX layout that gives users a few options for their builds. The traditional front I/O ports can be mounted on the sides of the case in six different locations, allowing for plenty of options, and the side panel rotates to accommodate the user’s choice.

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The Cooler Master Q300L is the more basic of the two Q300 cases, but still offers a few customization options to add a bit of personality to the case. The magnetically attached front and top dust filters feature a stylized design pattern, and additional designs may become available at a later date.

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Cooler Master will include a single, rear-mounted 120mm fan with the Q300L, but there is room for an additional five fans in the case. A nearly full-panel acrylic side panel provides a good look into the case, and helps to keep both weight and price down. Speaking of price, the Q300L is expected to retail for $39.99 and will be available shortly after CES.

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Building onto the Q300L, the Q300P offers a few additional exterior features that really make this budget-conscious case a tempting option. The addition of front and back handles, as well as similar case feet, all removable, makes the Q300P a great choice for budget builders looking for a portable LAN party case.

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The front facade of the Q300P features an acrylic panel that hearkens back to the H500P’s design. The Q300P also includes two 120mm RGB LED fans mounted up front, along with a single 120mm fan in the rear. Expect the Q300P to retail for $69.99 after CES.

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Both of these cases should prove to be very tempting options for potential buyers looking for a stylish, yet functional case, without breaking the bank. Keep an eye out on the site, as we expect to take a closer look at one or both of these cases from Cooler Master.