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CES 2018

Mad Catz is Back at CES With New Mice

Following up on their recent re-launch, Mad Catz made their presence known at CES 2018, and we got to take a look at their very expansive lineup of gaming mice. It's not unusual for a...

CES 2018

Checking Out In Win’s Tiny A1 Case

While we know In Win for their large eye-catching cases this year at CES they had a really attractive small case that seems like it would be perfect for your mini-ITX build. The A1 brings many of the great features we know In Win for into one very tiny and awesome package!

CES 2018

Lenovo Mirage Solo and Camera with Daydream Hands-On

Last year Lenovo showed us their Windows Mixed Reality headset. At CES 2018 Lenovo introduced Mirage Solo with Daydream. It is a completely standalone VR headset that runs Daydream. To accompany Mirage Solo with Daydream, Lenovo also announced Mirage Camera which is a point and shoot 4K 180 degree VR camera.

CES 2018

EVGA Brings a 2200W Power Supply to CES!

EVGA is very well known for their power supplies and this year at CES they had a 2200W unit! The new Supernova 2200 P2 packs in 2200 watts of 80 PLUS Platinum power! That is enough power for seven GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards running at once!

CES 2018

The Retro Keyboard and Mouse You Need!

AZIO surprised us this past year by releasing their Retro Classic keyboards, if you missed it be sure to check out our review of the <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Artisan Classic</a>. This year at CES AZIO was showing off a new Bluetooth version of the keyboard as well as a new prototype mouse to go with it.

CES 2018

MSI Showcases Optix MPG27CQ Gaming Monitor With RGBs at CES 2018

Since we are in between launched of both graphics cards and processors MSI did not have a whole lot of new things to show off at CES this year, but one thing they had was their brand new Optix MPG27CQ Gaming Monitor. One of the coolest things about this display is that it has a row of RGB LEDs on the front, which are not just there to look good, but can also give you a visual aid in games, giving you a live view of health, ammo, and more.

CES 2018

Corsair Goes All Wireless With New K63 Wireless Lapboard

Corsair released their Lapdog back in 2016, and while it gave you great keyboard and mouse gaming in the living room there still was one problem...wires. You would have a long USB cable going across your living room connecting to your PC. Well this year at CES Corsair showed us their brand new K63 Wireless Lapboard and if you can guess by the name, there are no wires!

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