EVGA Brings a 2200W Power Supply to CES!

EVGA is very well known for their power supplies and this year at CES they had a 2200W unit! The new Supernova 2200 P2 packs in 2200 watts of 80 PLUS Platinum power! That is enough power for seven GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards running at once!

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The power supply features a fully modular design, which is something miners are definitely going to love. And yes this is targeted at Crypto-currency miners, not gamers. The +12V rail on this model provides a massive 183.3 amps of power.

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To provide this much power 200-240V is required, which means the 110V is U.S. households is not going to cut it. This was the main reason that EVGA did not have the unit running at CES. So we do not have information on heat or sound output. Also no word on pricing either, but expect this unit to be quite expensive as their Supernova 1600 T2 goes for $460.

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