The Retro Keyboard and Mouse You Need!

AZIO surprised us this past year by releasing their Retro Classic keyboards, if you missed it be sure to check out our review of the Artisan Classic. This year at CES AZIO was showing off a new Bluetooth version of the keyboard as well as a new prototype mouse to go with it.

The keyboard itself has remained very much the same. AZIO will offer it in a few different styles, although our favorite is still the Artisan, with its steampunk look. It is made with quality materials like an aluminum frame and leather top cover. The keys are also circular, rather than the typical squares we are seeing.

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AZIO has made one adjustment with the Bluetooth version, the WASD keys are fully aluminum and have the letters punched through, which gives a really cool effect. For those wondering this keyboard uses Kailh Blue mechanical key switches.

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Since this is the Bluetooth version you have a switch on the back that allows you to switch between Bluetooth, USB, or off modes. You can also toggle between Windows and Mac for different key options. The keyboard uses a USB Type-C cable for charging or if you want to use it in USB mode.

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The Retro Classic mouse is pretty basic, but features a very cool leather top plate and metal frame, which is made to match the Retro Classic Keyboard. The top piece is actually removable so you can swap tops if you want.

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The mouse is dual-mode wireless supporting both Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz RF. The Retro Classic Keyboard, Bluetooth Edition is available now for $220, and the Retro Classic Mouse will be out a little bit later for around $79.

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