Cooler Master HAF 500 Case Review

Final Thoughts

So I am a bit torn when it comes to this case. Cooler Master was out to create a high airflow case and they’ve done with with the HAF 500. You have the two 200 mm intake fans, the middle 120 mm GPU fan, and the rear 120 mm fan. So out of the box you have more than enough cooling for even a pretty high-end system. On top of that the middle fan is on a bracket that allows you to adjust it for the best airflow for your GPU and in our results the HAF 500 has the best cooling results for both CPU and GPU in our test group. At the same time the case was definitely louder than the others as well. Which is not even why I’m torn with this case.

The real reason is that this case is almost the same case that we saw back in 2018 with the MasterCase H500. The internal design is pretty much identical and just feels dated to me. The plastic GPU shroud, the fact that the shroud does not go across the entire bottom of the case, support for only 4 hard drives considering the side of the case, etc. I mean a lot has changed in the terms of case internals since 2018 and it just seems lazy for Cooler Master to re-use the same design.

Now don’t get me wrong they have made some updates. First this case supports much more cooling, so you have support for 360mm radiators on both the front and top of the case. All of the fans connect to a hub that also controls the ARGB lighting, and that hub is a controller if your motherboard does not have a 3-pin ARGB connection or don’t want to use your motherboard’s RGB software. The top panel of the case can be removed for easy installation of fans and the side panel design is tool-less and vastly improved. But does this case blow me away? With its cooling performance and what you can fit inside…sure, but when it comes to looks and internal design it feels old and not really innovative at all.

So that brings us to price and Cooler Master will be selling this case for $149.99, which is a $50 premium on what the MasterCase H500 cost. Again I know you are getting a little more with this case, but there are plenty of cases in the $150 range that seem like more modern cases. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Cooler Master HAF 500 an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10

– 4 fans included
– 2x 200 mm ARGB fans really stand out
– Room inside for long graphics cards and E-ATX motherboards
– Middle fan is excellent for GPU cooling
– Top panel removable for easier fan installation
– USB-C on the front panel
– High airflow

– Internal design practically the same since 2018
– Supports only 4 hard drives for such a large case
– No filter for the front fans

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