Cooler Master Introduces the JetFlo 120 Cooling Fan

Cooler master, which is considered to be a leading company when it comes to manufacturing and innovations in the field of desktop components today pull the curtains off a high end performance, long lasting LED which has entered the market as the first superior quality LED fan.


Designers and engineers behind the making of this fan basically focused on three core principals I.e. Performance, style and silence. These are the key points that should be brought to the vanguard when experiencing the JetFlo 120 cooling fan.


JetFlo contains ultra thin yet very strong blades that keep the resistance minimum and performance at its peak. These highly developed air blades cut through the air at a speed ranging between 800-2000 RPM. And produce up to 95CFM when used at full power. This fan is build to last longer than usual fans with its highly efficient motor and low voltage for starting. The motor is protected by a Smart Jam Protection design which makes it to stop automatically when there are obstacles. Once these are clear the motor starts itself again. Moreover the JetFlo 120 motor is also guarded against reverse polarity.

JetFlo 120 is almost dust proof and will last up to 160,000 hours. This extension in its life span is due to the self-lubricated POM bearings which keeps friction at its minimum while operating.

JetFlo 120 fans come prepared with high quality LED lights that spreads equally from motor creating a clean ambiance. This model shall be available in red, white and blue color.

While producing up to 95 CFM, JetFlo registers at 36dBa. The mounted corners are actually made of a durable rubber that has threaded steel inserts. These corners essentially absorb much of the vibration produced which aids in noise reduction. Besides this, the model fully supports BIOS or software control via PWM functions. Two silent adapters that are included in the pack can lock the speed of the fan at 1600RPM and 1200 RPM.

JetFlo 120 shall be available from July with a price of £10.95.

Source: Cooler Master | News Archive