Cooler Master Launches the X Mighty 2000W and 2800W Power Supplies

Cooler Master, a global leader in PC components, has today announced the X Mighty Platinum. This power supply unit (PSU) is engineered to meet the needs of the most power-intensive tasks in computing. The X Mighty Platinum PSU combines practical functionality with efficient performance, ensuring reliability for the most demanding applications.

“With the X Mighty Platinum, we’re responding directly to the needs of advanced computing,” said Jimmy Sha, Cooler Master CEO. “This power supply delivers the reliability and performance required for power-intensive applications, without unnecessary frills. It is a practical, efficient solution our users can depend on, now and in the future.”

Cooler Master X Mighty 2000W

Key features and benefits of the X Mighty Platinum include:

  • 80 Plus Platinum Efficiency: This unit is certified to achieve more than 92% efficiency at typical loads in a 115 V test.
  • Active bridge rectifier: Bridge diodes have been replaced with an active bridge rectifier to improve performance.
  • ATX 3.1 support & two durable 12V-2×6 cables: Includes ATX 3.1 support and two 90-degree 12+4pin (12V-2×6) PCIe 5.1 cables featuring lower temperatures, enhanced durability, and improved safety.
  • Digital Monitoring with MasterCTRL: Cooler Master’s MasterCTRL software allows users to monitor temperature, current load, and performance metrics.
  • Long-lasting reliability: Built with Infineon industrial-grade IC chips for high quality performance and long-lasting reliability.

At 2000 W, the X Mighty Platinum is an immensely powerful PSU built to work with the most intensive applications, from machine learning to server support. Experience the might of next-generation power with the X Mighty Platinum.

For more information, visit the product page.

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