Cooler Master Low Profile SK851 Keyboard with OMRON Switches Spotted

We’ve known Cooler Master for some pretty awesome low profile keyboards as of late, we’ve already taken a look at their SK621 and SK630, but they are going even more low profile with their new SK851. This keyboard will be even slimmer than what we saw on the SK621 and SK630 and will feature OMRON low profile mechanical switches.

If you haven’t heard of OMRON they make most of the switches that are in gaming mice, so it will be really interesting to see how their keyboard switches feel. These switches are however much shorter than the Cherry MX low profile switches that Cooler Master has been using on their SK600 series. The OMRON switches are just 7.4mm talkk compared to the 18mm of the Cherry MX low profile switches.

The keyboard will appear to come in both a black and white version with an aluminum top plate and yes these keyboard will offer full RGB backlighting. The SK851 does appear to be a pretty large keyboard, even larger than a full 104-key keyboard. You have a full number pad and even an extra set of keys above the function row. Cooler Master was showing off the Mac version, but you can bet there will be a PC version as well.

You get Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity and a high capacity battery life up to 15 hours when backlit and up to 5 months without backlighting. Cooler Master also says that the keyboard will be available in linear and tactile switch options.

Expect this board out in January of 2020 for $169.99.

Image provided by Tom’s Hardware

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