Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L & Q300P PC Cases Review

Final Thoughts
I think what Cooler Master was trying to accomplish with these two cases is affordable cases that are easy to build inside for system integrator’s, gamers, and even first time builders. Cooler Master has made both of these cases pretty attractive as well, they don’t just look like normal black boxes. The Q300L has those cool filters with the design on them and the Q300P has the extra panels, handles, and RGB lighting.

Another thing that I like is how small these cases are, especially the Q300L. If space on your desk is an issue the Q300L is really for you. Both cases are quite easy to build inside and we really did not run into any issues with our installation. You even have room for water cooling in both cases, we actually installed Cooler Master’s MasterLiquid 120 AiO in our build!

These cases are not perfect though. First both cases make use of acrylic side panels rather than tempered glass. Acrylic does not look as good and is very prone to getting scratched. Also I was quite surprised that there were no instructions for the RGB controller that is included with the Q300P. So if you are a first time builder you might not know how to connect it.

The cases are priced quite well. The Q300L is only $39.99, which is a great price! The Q300P is a little higher at $69.99, so for that extra $30 you are getting two RGB fans, the RGB controller, extra panels, and handles.

Both cases would be a solid choice for your Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX build.

– Small profile, especially on the Q300L
– Unique filters on the Q300L
– Prices
– RGB lighting on the Q300P
– Easy to build inside

– Acrylic windows, not tempered glass
– No instructions for the RGB controller

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