Cooler Master MasterKeys MK750 Keyboard Review

Cooler Master MasterKeys MK750 Overview
With the MK750 out of its protective sleeve, we can see that Cooler Master really wanted to provide a sleek and compact keyboard. The MK750 features a plastic base, while an anodized aluminum top plate keeps the board from flexing during gaming or typing use. The key layout is your standard 104-key design, and just above the numpad area are four dedicated media control buttons.

MK750 KB1 e1511028413431

From the front you will notice a glossy surface that runs the entire width of the keyboard. When unplugged, this look like a standard design, but when plugged in, the MK750 reveals an RGB light strip and illuminated Cooler Master logo at the center.

MK750 KB2 e1511028443211

Taking a look at the sides of the MK750, we see an angular plastic design, with a transparent lighting bar that runs most of the length on each side. The keys on the MK750 float quite a bit above the top plate, a standard design found on most mechanical keyboards.

MK750 KB4 MK750 KB5

The back edge of the MK750 is bare, aside from three small openings. These openings for the included USB Type C cable to exit the keyboard on the Left, Center, or Right side, allowing users to have a bit of built-in cable management. One feature that we would have loved to see on the MK750 is USB pass-through. We realize that it might make having a removable cable a bit more difficult, but it is a feature that should really be found on a keyboard of this stature.

MK750 KB10 e1511028556185

Flipping the MK750 over we get a better look at the aforementioned cable management, with a channel running to the left and right sides of the keyboard, and a small channel for the center cable configuration. A rectangular indention provides a bit of working room to plug in the keyboard’s Type C connector, though we found ourselves wishing it was a bit larger to make the plugging process a bit easier. Four rubber pads are found on the bottom of the keyboard, and the larger rear pads flip out and act as feet to give a bit more angle to the keyboard if desired.

MK750 KB9 e1511028594707

The MK750 includes a PU leather covered wristrest that stays in place via a few hidden magnets. We really like this mounting mechanism, as we have had issues in the past with other keyboards and their attachment designs. We do wish the magnets were a bit stronger however, as it is quite easy to shift the wristrest out of place, even with the six rubber feet found on the bottom. The wristrest has a bit of padding beneath the leatherette surface, and sports an indented Cooler Master logo in the center. Do keep in mind that with the wristrest in place, the entire front lightbar on the MK750 is obstructed from view.

MK750 KB6 e1511028649508

Cooler Master chose to include genuine Cherry MX switches on the MK750, and our review sample included those of the Blue variety. Also available are models with Brown or Red Cherry MX switches. Each key features RGB LED lighting, and can be individually controlled via Cooler Master’s MK750 application.

MK750 Switches