Cooler Master MasterKeys MK750 Keyboard Review

Software and Lighting
Cooler Master designed the MK750 to utilize both on-board lighting and macro controls, as well as more a detailed customization option via software. The MK750 application is quite nice, and laid out in a very logical way. Menu tabs and fonts are large, and the labeling for each area of the application is concise, yet understandable.

The first tab in the software application allows users to customize the lighting settings on the MK750. There are multiple common default lighting modes like rainbow wave, breathing, and static, along with a few others like rain and stars, many of which can be customized. Cooler Master also offers a custom option that lets you set the color of each individual key and lighting zone. There are five individual lights on each side of the keyboard that can be customized, as well as 18 lights along the front edge, including two in the Cooler Master logo. We found the lighting options to be quite comprehensive in their styles and customizations.


The Macro tab allows you to create and assign macro events to certain keys. This can be very useful for games where you might be performing a repetitive keystroke combination over and over, allowing you to bind it all to one key. In addition to key sequences, the macro settings allow you to adjust the delay to a custom setting that fits your requirements, as well as allowing you to loop the macro depending on your needs.


For example, we created simple macro named “ThinkComputers” that types out “” when you press the “-” key on the NUM pad. This was as easy as giving our macro a name, recording the keystrokes and then assigning the macro to a key. The simple 1, 2, 3 steps make this process one of the more simple we have seen, and the large buttons and icons are very intuitive. Kudos to Cooler Master!


Key Map
The key map tab is used to re-map one key to another. This could be useful for bringing keys closer to another. For example, in many FPS-type games, the “M” key is used to pull up the map, but is a bit far away from the typical WASD movement keys. You could use the key map feature to treat the “T” key for example as a copy of the “M” key, thus making it that much closer to your movement hand.


The profiles tab lets users import and export profiles that other users may have created. This is handy for sharing cool designs and game configurations. Once a profile is imported to the keyboard, it is saved on the internal memory, ready for plug and play use without the need for software.


Like we have previously mentioned, the Cooler Master MasterKeys MK750 features per-key RGB LED lighting, as well as multiple additional lighting zones surrounding the keyboard. Here are just a few examples of the options available to you with the MK750, many of which are customizable via the keyboard itself or through the MK750 software.

MK750 LED9 MK750 LED4
MK750 LED3 MK750 LED2
MK750 LED1 MK750 LED5
MK750 LED7