Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 240 Liquid CPU Cooler Review

MasterLiquid Pro 240 Overview
Included with the MasterLiquid Pro 240 is a pair of 120mm MasterFan Pro 120 AB CM fans. They feature black shrouds and semi transparent gray blades. On the back of the motor of each fan is a recessed switch to change the speed manually. In addition they are 4 pin PWM fans. CM claims they will put out 66.7CFM at 2000rpm creating 2.34mmH20 of pressure while outputting noise in the 6-30 dBA range depending on speed. Not super high static pressure so it will be interesting to see how they perform. At the very least they look good and are connected via rubber anti vibration mounts.

CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (17) CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (18) CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (19)

Moving to the cooler itself we find a pretty stylish yet also standard looking AiO.

CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (20)

The radiator itself has nice squared ends and a great matte black finish. At 27mm it is pretty thin, though not in the ultra thin radiator category. To make up for the lack of thickness, this rad has pretty dense FPI count. It is very similar to most other AiOs we test in the FPI category. Along one side the name of the cooler and CM logo are painted in white.

CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (21) CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (22) CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (23) CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (24)

Black fairly rigid, ribbed, anti kink tubing connects the radiator to the pump. It’s a pretty old tubing style, but it does get the job done. The pump design is one of the main calling cards of the MasterLiquid Pro 240. It features a dual chamber design that allows the pump components to remain in cool water while the warm water from the heat exchange is whisked away. The idea is that this will increase the life of the pumps components. While we can’t speak to that we can say that it does increase the height of the pump by double that of some of it’s competitors. On the one side of the pump, you can see the external tubing that connects the top chamber with the bottom chamber.

CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (25) CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (28)

Rotating around the pump you will find a removable four pin connector for pump power. Below are the mounting points for the different socket clips. Circling the middle of the whole pump, you will find a plastic light diffuser strip. The top of the pump has a clear top with the CM logo laser etched in the center.

CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (26) CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (27)

Flipping to the base of the pump you will find a copper cold plate with a slightly raised contact section in the middle. On the other side you should find a dense collection of micro channels where the cool inlet water is blasted straight in. There is a protective plastic sticker attached to the base for shipping. Removing the sticker we find a fair finish that we would give a ‘B’ grade to.

CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (29) CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (30) CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (31)