The Benefits of Becoming a Cisco Registered Partner

Enrolling as a Cisco Registered Partner can bring about a range of great benefits for you and your company. In addition to potentially increasingly your company’s reputation significantly amongst customers, you can also enhance sales numbers and profitability by cultivating a stronger relationship with Cisco and leveraging a range of different Cisco programs and support services. Your status as a Registered Reseller will allow you to take advantage of the global Cisco brand, a valuable asset to opening up a huge range of new opportunities for development and growth when it comes to your company. We’ve taken a closer look at some of the biggest benefits of enrolling as a Registered Partner with Cisco.

Take Advantage of Demo Discounts
As a registered partner, you will be able to take advantage of the Cisco Not For Resale (NFR) program which will provide you with an upfront discount of up to 60% on a selection of Cisco products, services and solutions which you will be able to use for the purpose of your own business’ IT infrastructure, or for demonstration purposes. Access to reduced prices when it comes to your own business’ IT solutions is just one of the benefits of becoming a Registered Cisco Reseller.

Increase Your Profitability
When you sign up to become a registered Cisco reseller, you will gain access to the VIP Express Program, which will offer you a range of different financial rewards for selling a selection of specific Cisco Small Business products. Since participants will receive a designated amount of cashback for each product that they sell, there’s the chance to earn even more and increase your profitability by promoting sales of these selected products.

Incentives and Promotions
Cisco incentives and promotions will give you a better opportunity to close more deals and maintain or even improve your company’s profitability. Cisco has come up with a huge range of various promotions and deals which you can use in order to help drive sales. Ranging from simple, money-off discounts to competitive trade-in deals, becoming a reseller with Cisco can give you the edge over your competition and make a huge difference to your product margins.

Access to Technical and Sales Training
Partnering with Cisco means that your company employees will be able to gain access to free focused training on Cisco services and products. Cisco’s range of Authorized Distributors are committed to serving the small to mid-sized business market and provide companies who partner with them with a range of free to access, online training tools, products and solutions. Their training library also provides a huge range of pre-recorded WebEx training sessions on a variety of subjects in sales and technology. This allows you and your employees to choose training times that fit around your schedule and re-access the training materials whenever needed in the future for a refresh.

Range of Technical Support
Becoming a Registered Cisco Partner means that you will have access to every form of support imaginable. The Cisco Partner helpline is available at all times to provide individual, one-to-one assistance on every topic you could possibly need help with, from pre-sales support to product design and technical support. There is also access available to a Partner Advisor, who will be able to provide you with any non-technical support that you need.

Payment and Financing Options
When you sign up as a Registered Cisco Partner, you will have the opportunity to maximize your sales and profits by offering Cisco Capital Finance as part of your sales strategy. This option will allow you to overcome a new range of customer objections when it comes to budgeting issues and allow you to be in a position where you can enable your customers to purchase the solutions that their business needs, rather than one which is dictated by their budget. The option to provide finance from Cisco means that you will be able to reach out to a larger target audience.

Close More Sales
Last but not least, the Cisco Partner program provides business owners with a solution to closing more sales and improving revenue. As a Registered Partner, you will be able to take advantage of Cisco’s range of promotion features which are designed specifically to help you improve your deal flow and revenue potential by providing you with solutions which will enable to you get fast quotes, more competitive pricing, and quicker than usual availability when it comes to high-volume, core products for networking.

There are many great benefits of becoming a Cisco reseller!

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