Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 240 Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Cooler Master is a brand reinvented. For a long time they were one of the top dogs with some of the most popular cases and CPU coolers on the market but at some point sort of lost that luxurious position. Their reimagining focused mostly around being a company for the “Makers” AKA modders and builders. Featuring a whole new level of expandability and customization among their product offerings, CM aims to be the brand of modders. As well as changing their image, CM is now moving past a difficult time in their AiO history and today we’ll be taking a look at their newest offering in that category; the MasterLiquid Pro 240. This cooler is one of four in the family and is a clear bid to place CM back at the top of the very competitive all in one liquid cooling segment. Follow along as we find out if this 240mm cooler has what it takes to compete with the best.

Special thanks to Cooler Master for providing the MasterLiquid Pro 240 for review!

Preserving Parts: liquid heated by the CPU is isolated from sensitive components using two chambers in the pump
Maximizing Absorption: the water block, customized and packed densely with micro-fine plates, absorbs more heat from the CPU than traditional designs
Zoning in on Heat: liquid is funneled directly at the hottest part of the CPU and carried away quickly through technology normally used in high-end DIY models
Recycling the Cool: heated liquid is more efficiently cooled through a completely unique radiator fin design
Getting It Out: heat in the radiator fins is expelled far out of the case by new MasterFan Pro Air Balance fans
Keeping it Quiet: silent drivers in the pump and MasterFan Pros reduce decibel levels to nearly a whisper

Pulling the MasterLiquid Pro 240 from the box, we find a long rectangular box with a really dark theme. The box is of course comes wrapped in shrink wrap. On the top we find a nice large graphic of the cooler itself over which the product name has been imposed. Aside from the matte black background, there are white and blue accents. Rotating the box towards the back, the next side is basically blank.

CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (1) CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (2) CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (3)

Another turn brings us to the back. There you will find the full product features we included above in eight languages, as well as the technical drawings for the pump/radiator and an exploded view of the pump itself. One last turn and you get product info in an additional 14 languages.

CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (4) CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (5)

Turning the box to the ends you will find the specifications, again the same as we included above and finally another photo of the cooler on the last side.

CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (6) CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (7)

Opening the flip top of the box and the packaging starts to vary from other AiOs. Instead of an egg carton style cardboard holder we find an intricate folded cardboard holder. On the right end there appears to be a box that should contain the accessories. To the left you will find the pump inside of an open top box. Left again you follow the tubing to an open slit which must mean the radiator is sitting underneath. It’s all very clean and clever looking. Let’s hope it’s enough to protect the components.

CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (8) CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (9)

With the pump box folded back we have access to open the longer box beneath. Inside the radiator is sitting on the bottom while two 120mm fans sit on top. Both are wrapped in plastic. The pump itself is wedged in the box pretty good, but pulls right out. Inside it is surrounded by foam pads.

CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (10) CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (11) CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (12)

Opening the last box, we do in fact have accessories. There is a manual, a warranty guide, and several bags of installation components.

CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (13) CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (14) CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (15)

Removing all the bags we find that everything has arrived in perfect condition. The unique new packaging scheme seems to have done it’s job and receives a thumbs up from us!

CM_MasterLiquid_Pro_240 (16)