Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Gaming Headset Review

Cooler Master Master Pulse Pro Overview
The Master Pulse Pro offers 7.1 Surround sound, has a cable length of 2 meters and its connector is a gold plated USB.


When pulling it out of the box the first thing you’ll notice is that there is no microphone boom to mess around with. Taking a gamble and changing the traditional headset by including the microphone on the left ear cup.


The next thing you’ll notice is how well built the aluminum frame is. It has an industrial look featuring four screws on both sides as connectors for where the headband ends and the ear cup holder begins.


My first major reaction was on the padding and how comfortable it was, not only on the ear cups but on the five individual pads on the headband as well.

Bass FX panels were interesting. Four magnets holding a thin piece of plastic against the side wasn’t something new as I’ve seen it before on Astro headsets. This time however they weren’t just faceplates…it was a selling point to control sound. Although this isn’t mentioned on the box anywhere, the option to 3D-print your own panels is also an option. When going directly to the product page you do have the option to download and customize your own. Maybe toss in your own logo and watch it light up! The final retail version of this will supposedly come with extra magnets for you to enjoy your custom panels.


Overall it felt great not having to mess with anything on the headset itself and everything was controlled via the in-line device. Although these settings couldn’t be fully tested due to the software not being available at the time of our review, it was still good to see the potential. The in-line controls are basic and to the point. The options are for EQ, which has 3+1 modes; Music, Games, Movies, Off. All of the modes worked as a different color LED lit up when cycling through them, but we’re not sure which was which. The same could be said about the virtual 7.1 surround as you could toggle it on but there was no official driver to see what you were truly using. Lastly the front of the in-line device had one single button and that was just to cycle the RGB colors on the cups of the headset. The options were Breathing, which just cycles through all of the colors, eight individual colors, and off. I do believe the software will also let you take control of this but as it stands we did not get to test these options.

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