Cooler Master MH Series (MH630, MH650, MH670) Gaming Headsets Review

Final Thoughts

So we have three very good gaming headsets from Cooler Master. I could easily recommend each one of these to you. All three are very comfortable and sound great. The MH630 is Cooler Master’s stereo (wired) gaming headset and is great if you are a PC, console, or even mobile gamer. The microphone sound quality is very impressive as well. The 3.5mm cable is completely removable and these lay flat which is great for travelling.

The MH650 is Cooler Master’s USB gaming headset that offers 7.1 virtual surround sound. These would be great for a PC user as you don’t even need a sound card for them to work. Just like the MH630 you have very good microphone performance. These of course have RGB lighting as well if that is your thing.

Finally we have the MH670 which is Cooler Master’s 2.4GHz wireless gaming headset that also offers 7.1 surround sound. If you are not a fan of wires this headset would definitely be for you, although you can use it in wired (3.5mm) mode as well. For a wireless gaming headset it is pretty loud, but the microphone quality is not as good as what we saw on the MH650 and MH630.

Both the MH650 and MH670 offer Cooler Master’s version of virtual 7.1 surround sound. Directly comparing this to virtual 7.1 surround sound on HyperX’s Cloud II wireless and the THX Spatial audio on Razer’s Kraken Ultimate it would fall in third place. Many times when toggling it on and off it was really hard to tell the difference. I guess I could have gone into the software and tried to tweak it a bit more.

So which one would I choose if I had to only pick one? Probably the MH650, USB is easy and it does give me the 7.1 surround sound over the MH630. Also the microphone quality is far better than the MH670.

As I mentioned any of these headsets would be a great choice. Right now you can pick up the MH630 for $59.99, the MH650 for $69.99, and the MH670 for $89.99 at our favorite online retailer. I think that all of those prices are good.

– All three headsets are comfortable
– All three headsets have great sound quality
– Microphone performance on the MH630 and MH650
– Volume control on the earcups
– Detachable microphone
– PU leather on the MH670

– Not much difference when you enable or disable surround sound on the MH650 and MH670
– Microphone performance on the MH670

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