Cooler Master MH Series (MH630, MH650, MH670) Gaming Headsets Review

When it comes to gaming headsets there are quite a lot to choose from, all at different price-points and offering different features. Many times you’ll have the same company offer a handful of different headsets and that is the case with Cooler Master. The actually offer 19 different audio solutions currently. Today we will be talking a look at three of them from their MH Series of gaming headsets. We have the MH630, which is there Stereo gaming headset, MH650 which is their USB gaming headset with virtual 7.1 surround sound, and finally the MH670 which is their wireless gaming headset that also has virtual 7.1 surround sound. Let’s take a look and see what these headsets are all about!

Special thanks to Cooler Master for providing their MH630, MH650, and MH670 gaming headsets to review.


coolermaster mh headsets specs


All three headsets come in the same style of packaging. On the front you get a photo of each and some of the main features are listed.

Cooler Master MH Series Gaming Headsets

Flipping over to the back there is a side-profile of the headset and some of the features are detailed. I would say if you were at the store you would have more than enough information to make an informed purchase.

Cooler Master MH Series Gaming Headsets

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