Cooler Master Shows Off 67-Key Keyboard With Low-Profile Cherry MX Switches

Cooler Master had a really interesting keyboard on display at Computex 2018. It was their CK620 which is designed for gamers and typists alike. The keyboard is very small having only 67-keys and official dimensions of only 292.6 (W) × 103.0 (D) mm.

ck620 1

Cooler Master has gone with the new Cherry MX Low-Profile RGB mechanical switches, which were announced earlier this year at CES 2018. The actuation point on these switches is 1.2 mm with is only 60% of the normal Cherry MX RGB switches.

ck620 2

The keyboard is designed with an aluminum top plate and the keys are designed as floating above the board. There is also an RGB LED strip that goes around the casing of the keyboard. Both the key switches and the RGB strip will be able to be controlled by Cooler Master’s software.

ck620 3

Cooler Master has gone with a USB-C connection with this keyboard, this will not only allow you to connect this keyboard to your PC, but charge it as this keyboard supports both wired and Bluetooth connections.

ck620 4

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