CHERRY’s Latest Switch, The MX Low Profile RGB, Debuts At CES 2018

Just announced at CES 2018, CHERRY’s latest switch, the MX Low Profile RGB, is a new take on mechanical key switches. We have seen low profile MX-type switches before, but this is the first of its type from CHERRY.

Cherry Switch 9

This new switch design has just a 3mm travel distance, but still offers that same mechanical switch feel. We got a little bit of hands on time with the switches themselves, both in and out of keyboards, and we have to say that they feel great. Not only are these new switches smaller, but they also feature a bit of dust and spill protection as well. While not completely liquid-proof, this is still a step in the right direction in our opinion.

Cherry Switch 8

RGB is undeniably one of the most prevalent and impactful, and CHERRY has included a new lightpipe design to improve the distribution of light on these new switches. This allows for a better overall lighting implementation, and seeing it firsthand had us impressed.

Cherry Switch 1

With a lower profile, keyboard vendors will be able to offer much more sleek and compact keyboards that keep that have that same great quality and feel we expect from Cherry MX mechanical key switches. The key switches themselves are 35% smaller than your normal Cherry MX switches. Since they are smaller your older Cherry MX keycaps will not be compatible, as they will bottom out on your keyboard frame. The switch has the same stem design, which should make it easy for custom keycaps to be made available very soon. One thing that is cool is that you are going to see thin keycap designs as well as ones that are larger like you see on traditional keyboards.

Cherry Switch 4

Cherry will first be offering this switch in a “Red” variety, which is their most popular normal MX switch. Reds are of course known as the gaming switch, so it makes sense for Cherry to start with them. Unlike when the Cherry MX RGB’s launched there is no exclusive partner, so you should see keyboards arriving from your favorite vendors between Q1 and Q2 of this year.