Cooler Master’s RGB Liquid CPU Coolers For 2018

During our visit to Cooler Master here at CES 2018, we were given a look at a few upcoming all-in-one liquid coolers from their MasterLiquid lineup; the MasterLiquid ML120R and ML240R, and the ML240 Smart. These new coolers all feature addressable RGB lighting on their pumps, as well as on their included Air Balance fans.

MasterLiquid ML120R/ML240R

As their name suggests, this model is available with either a 120mm or 240mm radiator, allowing users to choose the right amount of cooling for their system.

The great thing about the RGB ring around the pump is that the LEDs are addressable, and can be controlled via the MasterPlus+ application for ultimate visual control of your cooler. There is also a wired A-RGB controller included, which offers basic color and lighting effect control.

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MasterLiquid ML240 Smart

The ML240 Smart is a more refined cooler with a few additional lighting and monitoring features that make it a very enticing option.

On the pump and waterblock side of things, Cooler Master has swapped out the plastic pump body for an aluminum one, giving a bit more durability and heat dissipation to the unit. And while the addition of addressable RGB LEDs to the sides of the of the radiator doesn’t do anything performance wise, it does add quite a bit of style to the kit.

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Another feature we really like is the integrated thermal sensor that monitors the CPU temperature and can adjust the LED coloring to alert you of increased temperatures.

All of these coolers are expected to be released later in the year, with the ML120R and ML240R to come first, with the ML240 Smart following.