The HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Is Finally Here!

One of the biggest questions since first showing you the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB keyboard back at CES 2017 was when is it coming out. Well this year at CES HyperX was showing off a revised version of the keyboard, but we can finally answer that question, the keyboard is available now!

As you might have seen we reviewed the non-RGB version of this keyboard earlier in 2017. I think the big delay for the RGB version was the software. HyperX was showing off their new NGenuity software with the keyboard. It seemed really refined and polished. Nothing is as bad as launching a keyboard with bad configuration software.

Not much has really changed with the keyboard, you have the same awesome aluminum chassis design, so the keyboard has some good weight to it. The keyboard has a full included wrist rest with padding towards the left. This is a full-size keyboard so you have a full compliment of keys as well as a full number pad.

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You also have a few other keys, at the top right you have multimedia controls as well as a volume wheel. There are also three buttons at the top left that help control lighting and a few other things. HyperX is making use of Cherry MX mechanical key switches on this keyboard and you have the choice of Blue, Red, or Brown flavors. Of course you have full per-key RGB illumination here as well as a RGB light bar towards the top of the keyboard.

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As we mentioned this keyboard is available now! Right now you can pick it up on Amazon for $169.99.

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