Bloody Fires At The Competition With Optical Switches

Currently mechanical keyboard switches dominate the market. Most mechanical keyboards use switches that have been around since the mid-1980s, and that technology hasn’t improved much over the last 30 years. Bloody wants to make sure that every gamer has the best equipment for a chance at winning even the closest battles. To achieve this, Bloody uses Light Strike optical switches in their keyboards. At CES 2018, Bloody demoed a few keyboards and a mouse, here’s what we learned.

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Even though Bloody is using optical switches, they designed the keys to feel and click like a mechanical switch. Tactile and linear keys are offered on every keyboard that Bloody has at CES 2018. But the similarities to a mechanical keyboard stop there. Response times on a mechanical keyboard are 30ms. Light Strike switches are a fraction of that at 0.2ms. Travel distance is 3mm while actuation distance is 1.5mm. Each key will withstand over 100 million keystrokes, and also has a per-key stabilization bar. Also since the switches are optical, Bloody keyboards are more resistant to water, dust and other debris that could cause issues for a mechanical keyboard.

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The models Bloody has at CES 2018 are B975, a full-size keyboard with a wrist rest. Next up is B945, which has a left hand numpad and a wrist rest. Lastly is B930, which is ten keyless without a wrist rest. Each demoed keyboard has per-key RGB lighting, per-key stabilization bar along with anti-ghosting and N-key rollover.

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Since Bloody has improved keyboards, why not tackle the other main input device that has mechanical switches – mice. Bloody mice also use Light Strike switches, and they have the same response time of 0.2ms. Even the mouse wheel is optical which allows for an extended lifespan. Using Light Strike for left and right click also ensures that no accidental double clicks occur. Bloody has two new mice on the way, a fingertip/hybrid shape, similar in style to Bloody P80. The other new mouse is a right-handed palm, similar in style to Bloody V3. Each new Bloody mouse offers a PIXART 3360 sensor.

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Everything Bloody demonstrated at CES 2018 seems really promising. Be on the lookout for new Bloody keyboards in the next few weeks ranging from $119 – $139. And the mice will be available in Q2 2018 for $49 – $59.