CyberPowerPC Shows Off PC Lineup At CES 2018

CyberPowerPC was at CES 2018, and we got a chance to stop by their suite to check out a few of their custom PC builds. CyberPower offers many different lines and and configuration options for gamers that want a proven and reliable PC, but don’t want to have to put it together. While this may come as a surprise to some of our readers, there is a whole group of gamers our there that want a pre-built system that they can simply configure, purchase, and plug in. The following systems were on display at CES, and can be customized to a buyer’s liking to add a bit of a personal touch to the system. Let’s take a look.


The LUXE series of PCs are what CyberPower calls “Premium Luxury Gaming Systems”, and we have to agree with them. The system we saw on display was a completely customized PC with a hard tubing liquid cooling system, multiple RGB components, and a limited edition tempered glass chassis. CyberPower also offers the liquid cooling tubing in a silver chrome option, which looked amazing, and will be available in other chrome colors soon. The LUXE series build we saw gives buyers the option to have the best of the best in every component category, and can be configured with pricing ranging from around $5k to $15k.

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Hyper Liquid II

The Hyper Liquid II is, as you have probably guessed, a liquid cooling gaming system line. The build we saw featured the amazing Cougar Conquer chassis along with the same custom chrome tubing we found on the LUXE build. Aimed at buyers that want an enthusiast-level build, the Hyper Liquid II again provides multiple RGB lighting options, in a variety of cases, most of which feature tempered glass panels. Pricing for a system like we saw in the Hyper Liquid II line begins around $3k.

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Syber L

The Syber L series PCs are designed to be performance gaming systems, with top of the line CPU and GPU options available. This line features less focus on custom cooling loops and showing off your system, and more on getting work done, whether that is gaming, streaming, video editing, and even 3D rendering. The awesome thing about this series of PCs is that they are housed in CyperPower’s custom-designed, in-house case, the Syber L. This case is a mid-tower design with a very angular front panel layout, a tempered glass side panel, multiple mesh panels for airflow, and a power supply shroud. While there are a few tweaks coming for the case, it looks like a very solid design from CyberPower.

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Last up was the Crystal series of PCs, which is a collaboration effort between CyberPower and Corsair. The Crystal build we saw featured Corsair’s brand new Obsidian 500D chassis, along with multiple other Corsair products inside, including the liquid cooler, memory, power supply, and fans. Custom CyberPower badging was applied to the 500D’s front panel, and RGB light strips inside the case lit up this partnered build. Expect to see other partnership builds from CyberPower in the near future.

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We wanted to make special note of the customized shipping solutions that CyberPower employs for their more advanced builds like the LUXE and Hyper Liquid II. As many of the cases used in these builds are not pre-assembled and are larger than the box they ship in, CyberPower goes to great lenghts to design custom shipping solutions for these PCs. Not much would be worse than spending a big chunk of money on a custom pre-built PC just to have it show up broken because the vendor didn’t protect it properly. Thankfully CyberPower knows this and utilizes custom foam packing, as well as custom wooden shipping crates that have been tested with UPS to make sure they are safe in transit. Knowing that they go that extra length makes CyberPower a great option for your customizable, pre-built system.