Corsair Goes All Wireless With New K63 Wireless Lapboard

Corsair released their Lapdog back in 2016, and while it gave you great keyboard and mouse gaming in the living room there still was one problem…wires. You would have a long USB cable going across your living room connecting to your PC. Well this year at CES Corsair showed us their brand new K63 Wireless Lapboard and if you can guess by the name, there are no wires!

So you have a very similar design to the original Lapdog, although it has been refined. The lapboard is designed to sit on your lap and provide a great overall gaming experience. It keyboard itself (which can be purchased separately) is the K63 wireless. It is basically a 2.4 GHz wireless Bluetooth mechanical tenkeyless keyboard with a few extra multimedia buttons and controls. Corsair lets us know that the keyboard has 75 hours of battery life if you don’t have the blue backlighting on, and 15 hours if you choose to have it on.

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Corsair is using Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches on the keyboard itself. The keyboard can easily be removed from the lapboard itself so you can use it on another PC. The mousepad area is more than large enough and the entire lapboard was very comfortable to game on when I was demoing it at CES.

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Now Corsair will be selling the combo kit (lapboard and K63) keyboard for $159. You can get the keyboard by itself for $110, or the lapboard (minus the keyboard) for $59. All of these items will be available sometime in Q1.

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