Phanteks Brings New RGB Products To CES 2018

While they are probably most well known for their PC cases, Phanteks has been making headway in the RGB arena, and they have increased their arsenal of products with four new devices revealed at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. We were able to take a look at these new products, and we have to say that what we saw was quite impressive.

First up is a pair of RGB LED connectivity devices, the D-RGB/RGB Expansion Hub and the Digital-RGB Controller. The D-RGB/RGB Expansion Hub allows you to connect up to five meters of RGB LED light strips and eight RGB LED Phanteks devices. The Expansion Hub is powered by a single SATA power connector, which we really appreciate, as it helps reduce the amount of 4-pin Molex connections in our builds. The Digital-RGB Controller gives users access to three RGB headers that can be controlled via an included wired controller or by supported motherboard headers and applications. Two D-RGB connections, as well as two standard RGB connections are available on the Digital-RGB Controller, which gives you a bit of flexibility in the types of devices connected to the controller. The included wired controller offers a bit of control over the lighting, with buttons for Effects, Colors, and Speeds. Both of these units also feature a magnetic mounting solution for easy placement in nearly any spot inside a case.

RGB Hub 1 of 1

Up next was a new 40cm RGB LED light strip with magnetic mounting in addition to a more permanent adhesive mounting solution via 3M tape. This lighting kit will include two of the strips along with wiring to connect the two strips to each other, and D-RGB connectivity to supported motherboard and LED controllers.

Lastly, Phanteks has improved upon their Halos RGB Fan Frames with their new Halos Lux RGB Fan Frames. While identical in design to their previous brethren, the Lux version of these RGB fan frames are crafted from aluminum and feature 18 RGB LEDs on the 120mm version and 21 RGB LEDs on the 140mm version. Seeing these fan frames in person really makes all the difference, as the high amount of LEDs really helps the color transitions and lighting patterns be very smooth compared to other lighted fans.

Halos 1 of 1

Pricing for these new Phanteks lighting items are as follows:

  • D-RGB/RGB Expansion Hub – $19.99
  • Digital-RGB Controller – $24.99
  • LED Light Strip – $19.99
  • Halos Lux Fan Frames – 120mm: $19.99, 140mm: $21.99