AZIO Prepares New Ambidextrous RGB Gaming Mouse – The Atom

We are here at CES 2018 and have just taken a look at AZIO’s upcoming ambidextrous RGB gaming mouse, the Atom. Realizing that there is a market for hardware that can be used by both left and right-handed gamers, AZIO set out to design a mouse that would be attractive to all users.

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In order to facilitate the switch between a right-handed and left-handed mouse, AZIO incorporated a physical switch on the base of the mouse to turn on or off the dual side buttons on each side of the mouse. Swapping the button functionality from side to side, or even disabling all of them is as easy as flipping a switch.

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In addition to the ambidextrous functions, AZIO has also made sure to include a full range of standard gaming features like a PWM 3360 optical sensor, as well as adjustable DPI and polling rates.

The Atom, available in both black and white versions, also features multiple RGB lighting areas with five lighting modes and eight colors to choose from. A lighting zone is found at the rear edge of the mouse and then continues along the sides of the mouse, situated between the base and mouse buttons. There is also an illuminated AZIO logo found on the palm rest, and a small light strip between the left and right mouse buttons is also illuminated.

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We can expect availability next month, and AZIO provided us with a review sample of the Atom, so keep an eye out for our full review.