Cooler Master TPC 812 CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts
So back to our original question is the TPC 812 employing new game changing tech, or is it just the next new gimmick?  For me the results speak for themself, this is all show and no go.  Flashy and well put together as it is, this cooler doesn’t get the job done.  The reasoning behind the tech of the “Vapor Chamber” makes sense, but in the real world it just doesn’t play well with heat.

This of course doesn’t mean that there is nothing of value to this cooler.  The mounting systems is easy to use and installation didn’t take long at all.  I loved the fan connectors functionally they couldn’t be better.  The fan included managed over 2300 rpm which is great.  Of course it sounded like an airplane taking off so that’s also not so great.  And the down side of that is if the fan were to have gone any slower the temps would have suffered.  I have a feeling it just wasn’t moving that much air.

Price wise the TPC 812 can be had from online right now for $59.99 and Cooler Master is offering a $20 mail in rebate on top of that.  This places it right in line with some of their other coolers like the Hyper 212. Overall Thinkcomputers gives the Cooler Master TPC 812 a 6 out of 10 score.

rating6 10 small

– Installation is a breeze
– Fan mounting system is exceptional
– Fit and Finish is great
– Price is competitive

– Below par performance
– Fan is loud at speed needed for adequate cooling