Cooler Master V10 CPU Cooler Review

[ad#review965-top]Looking for the biggest, baddest air cooler around? How about a CPU cooler with as much power as a V10 engine? Here at ThinkComputers we got a chance to look at this $140 beast of a cooler. No it doesn’t get 350hp, but it does provide a massive amount of cooling toping 200+W. The unique design has a total of 10 heatpipes, three sets of fins and two 120mm fans. The hybrid-TEC cooling built into the V10 provides that extra amount of cooling needed for those high CPU usage moments. Read on further to see what else the V10 has to offer.


Extreme Innovative Engineering Design
– Design and construction is inspired by today’s supercharged engines, producing enough power and torque to give full control of the massive heat produced by the latest CPUs.
– Generates more than 200W+ cooling power, Cooler Master’s V10 over powers any cooling engine on the market.
– Compatible with the newest socket (LGA 1366).
– Full coverage of DRAM & CPU cooling for best cooling performance.

Optimal Cooling Technology
– Unique triple heat sink design for supreme cooling performance
– 10 heat pipes (6 for main body; 4 for TEC) maximize heat transfer Dual PWM fan ensures huge airflow over the heat sinks.
– Full coverage of DRAM & CPU for best cooling performance

Hybrid TEC Solution
– TEC is intelligently activated once CPU reaches extreme temperatures


CPU Socket: Intel LGA1366 & 775, AMD 754/939/940/AM2
Dimensions: 236.5 x 129.6 x 161.3 mm (L x W x H)
Net Weight (g): 1200g
Heat Sink Dimensions: 6mm
Heat Sink Material: Cu base, Al fin, 10 heatpipes
Fan Dimension (W / H / D): 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Fan Speed: 800~2400 R.P.M.
Fan Airflow: 90 CFM (max)
Air pressure (mmH2O): 2.94mm-H2O
Bearing Type: Rifle Bearing
Fan Life Expectancy: 40,000 hours @ 25C
Fan Noise Level (dB-A): 17 dB-A(min)
Connector: 4-Pin
Fan Control: PWM

TEC Specifications

Operation Temp.: 25~70C
Rated Power: 70W (max)
Rated Current: 9.8A (max)


The Cooler Master V10 comes packed in an elegant and large box. A high quality black surface surrounds the box. The front of the box shows the V10 cooler along with the words V10, “200W Air Cooling with Hybrid TEC”, LGA 1366 and a sticker for the ThermalFusion 400 provided inside. The back of the box goes into more details with the features, specifications and product overview.

Cooler Master V10 CPU Cooler Cooler Master V10 CPU Cooler

The V10 is protected inside of the box via the surrounding high quality soft foam. An additional space is cutout of the Styrofoam for the paperwork and hardware for the cooler. Pulling the V10 is as easy as flipping the box upside down. It is a rather heavy cooler weighing in at 1200g or 2.65lbs.

Cooler Master V10 CPU Cooler Cooler Master V10 CPU Cooler