Coolest Tech Update: Best 3D Pens of 2018

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The exponential technological growth of the last decades did not go around the classic arts & crafts. Even if the instruments that the old masters used remain very actual and desirable, the warmth of the human creativity can be projected with the latest gadgets as well. This time, we are not talking about digital art, but we focus on handmade, palpable visual art.

Drawing and painting have pretty much remained the same regarding the method and channel. Of course, the materials and instruments keep evolving, but nothing revolutionized the craft until 3D pens and 3D art, in general, have become a thing.

An introduction to 3D Pens

As their name suggests, 3D pens are taking drawing, graphics, and calligraphy in the 3D realm. Up until now, drawings and paintings were two-dimensional, and artists used optical tricks to give them dimension and make them dynamic. Of course, creating something so complex and lively in a limiting medium takes a lot of skill. So being able to draw in 3D will allow us to discover new ways of making art.

3D pens use plastic rods of different colors to “draw” lines in different directions. The pen has a heating system that melts the plastic, releasing it in liquid form. The special plastic hardens quickly in contact with the air, so you can “build” a drawing like a scaffold and “glue” the lines together. The rods come in many colors, and the pens have different performance features. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons 2018 has quite an expansive market of best 3D printing pens.

Let’s see three of the best 3D pens on the market.

Adaptable and Beautiful to use, the MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

In this day and age, tools are essential to simplify our lives. If you are a freelance artist or entrepreneur, then you know how difficult it can be to keep track of everything and how the right tool or app can be a lifesaver. One excellent example that comes to mind is having a receipt scanner readily available that you can use to scan and keep track of your invoices and important

The same stays true for the tools that help you create and design. That is why the MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen made it at the top of the list: it is portable and very comfortable to use. We are also excited about the addition of adjustable temperature and flow, which should become a standard in all 3D pens.

This beauty is lightweight and very comfortable to grip. It has a nice, rounded shape and doesn’t heat up too much, even after prolonged use. It is equipped with an OLED screen that allows you to navigate through the different drawing modes the pen has. By adjusting the temperature and flow of the plastic, it lets you experiment with different textures and effects, enhancing the experience. With a better price than the LIX PEN UV and a great performance overall, this is our top pick for 2018.

The Kid-Friendly DigiHero 3D Pen

A great pen for beginners, including kids, is the DigiHero 3D Pen. Children will be particularly excited about this new kind of drawing since it allows them to visualize 3D shapes and explore new exciting ways to express themselves. A 3D pen that is recommendable for children must have flawless safety features, such as preventing the exterior from heating too much or the plastic to leak and stick to curious fingers.

DigiHero can get quite hot when used for a long time, and its casing could’ve been more solid, but that would’ve added to the weight. The DigiHero pen is lightweight and friendly to use by the little ones. Plus, it comes with 12 different colored filaments that will allow the little artists to create fun and happy designs.

The Professional’s Choice, LIX PEN UV

If you happen to have a loved one that has an awesome hobby in the artistic field or who works with graphic design, the perfect Christmas tech gift for them would be the LIX Pen UV. It is the sleekest looking 3D pen on the market, often representing the entire family of products in presentation films and tech shows. It can be easily mistaken with an ordinary pen, but its design is not its best feature.

This pen can draw professional, intricate designs, with various “inks,” as the rods come in a rainbow of colors and different textures and feels. The performance of this pen is smooth and of great quality, helping the artist get accommodated faster with this new medium.

The price is around $100, but it is great value for money, considering its features, performance and ergonomic design. It is a reference product on the market, and its creators are always busy improving it.

We hope you will consider experimenting with one of these awesome 3D printing pens and get used to them because they might become a common art utensil in the future. Get the 3D pen that fits you best and start creating great art.

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