Corsair A50 Performance CPU Cooler Review

The Corsair A50 wasn’t really designed to be optimal in terms of high-end cooling competition, but it was rather designed to beat out stock and entry-level CPU coolers.  I have to say that the Corsair A50 included one of the most pleasant fan installations I have ever experienced. I’ve reviewed many CPU coolers and this is the first CPU cooler to get the fan installation RIGHT. (Well besides to having the fans pre-installed).

The A50 provides a decent cooling performance at an affordable price: around $40-$50. While the A50 was designed to be better than stock or entry level coolers, I was pleasantly surprised that it put up a good fight against the more expensive Thermaltake Frio (high fan speeds on the Frio are WAYY too loud).

Overall ThinkComputers awards the Corsair A50 Performance CPU Cooler with a 9 out of 10 score.

–          Easily beats out stock and entry level coolers
–          Easy installation
–          Great fan installation/design
–          Decent cooling

–          Generic heatsink design

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