Corsair H110i GT Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts
I have to say it’s very pleasing to see Corsair release an AIO cooler with such great performance. As one of the very first adopters of this cooling technology they are certainly a household name. However that hasn’t always meant they were at the front of the pack. For years they have made nice coolers but they never did perform that exceptionally until now. The H110i GT is everything it’s name claims to be. It has a great polished appearance with nice finishing touches such as the sleeved tubing. The installation as with other Corsair coolers was a breeze. At the same time we find that this GT is quite the proficient cooler as well. I certainly did not expect it to dethrone the beast that is the Tt Water 3.0 Ultimate to become our AIO performance champion. I would venture to say that the results are due to a better set of fans and perhaps better heat transfer into the cold plate. While we’ve seen other more polished and visually appealing control software, the Corsair Link version gets the job done just as well as any other. As far as cost is concerned this unit is likely to release at $130 USD. While this may be a bit much for some users, we feel that it is right on point for the quality and the amount of cooling you get.

The only downside to the H110i GT is the noise produced by the fans when you turn them up. They are certainly a pair of powerful and effective fans, but anything above 1100 rpm pushes them into the very noticeable range. Beyond that you’re into what we would call helicopter mode and no one wants that sitting next to them while they are gaming.

Overall Thinkcomputers would like to award the Corsair H110i GT with a perfect 10 out of 10 score!

– Great fit and finish
– Strongly aesthetically pleasing
– Easy installation
– New AIO performance King
– Cost

– Limited fan range due to excessive noise