Corsair Carbide Series 100R Case Review

So you sold that first Kidney to buy the newest and highest priced video cards, CPU and Motherboard. You have 2 x hi IOP/SSDs and configured them in Raid 0 for ultra fast data transfer and that new M.2 SSD stick installed on board for super sonic speed PCIe start up and of course the ram will cost another 10 dollars a gigabyte. Where do you cut your budget? How do you lower your overall build costs now? Not much is left to buy that can only add to the grandiose total. The power supply is going to cost you a “Benjamin or two” if you need lots of watts and you want pure/sweet/clean 80 percent Gold DC power for that prime overclockable golden chip and sustain a good stable running and have a really phat system.

What if I told you that Corsair from the large State in America that looks like a banana, Fremont California of all companies can help you with your budget right here. This case can lower the cost of a computer build by a hefty C Note, or more and that’s about $100.00 US Dollars to those non-American readers and they still give you a case that can be worthy of holding your exotic gaming machine you just bought without making you get buyer’s remorse.

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Just think. A large clear windowed panel with an all black sprayed interior, drive mounting that is very well thought out, semi tool-less designs and a special place for that AIO or all in one 240 X 120mm hydro cooler.

They even offer the gamer an indirect intake air cooling from the side gills to keep the front nice clean and less noisy and you get that “Monster Corsair Obsidian” look on the front end with the faux brushed aluminum anodized look of a plastic front end. No one will know but you and it beats the other cases that are in this price range by a country mile.

Would you believe it? Well truthfully I am slightly skeptical too, but I really am rooting for Corsair’s newest 100R Carbide Series Case to make a true believer out of me, but we will see as the Review continues on.

So let’s see if this nice looking “Econ-o-Box” can stand up to a gaming setup and how will it fit the needs? Will it be a viable alternative and a budget saver to use the Corsair Carbide Series 100R or do we need to look further into the higher priced Cases?

Well of course the obviously age old adage of “You get what you pay for…” is always relevant in all that you buy even if you are buying moccasins from a Cherokee Indian in Idaho. But George G. Moore’s Law is in full force with this case. But not the same 18 month time frame that he explains as computer cases have had a slow start at revisions and evolving than any other part that exponentially got better with time. One of the reasons is the standards that we all take for granted. Everything fits right no matter the case because of these standards so not much to change with the unchangeable but for the other stuff there is some real wiggle room and a lot of case company’s are doing a full Tango with the interiors of the cases in their arsenals’.

Moore’s Law States that:
The number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits had doubled every year since the integrated circuit was invented. Moore predicted that this trend would continue for the foreseeable future. 1965 by Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel,.

Anyway, what I am trying to say here is; the cheap cases of the past are not equal in value to the new Econ-o-boxes of the present. Like a 1974 Ford Pinto is not the same as a new 2015 Focus. A lot like night and day but in stark contrast in price where this case is contrary to the huge price gap between the two autos.

The price of the new Corsair Carbide Series Case is being speculated at $49.00 to $59.00 respectively while some are going to try to get a steep $79.00 US dollars for it, just to test the profit potential of this little box. But be that as it may, the case is made for the gamer that needs a break on a budget that they have already have blown with all their high dollar parts that they have already bought for the up and coming build.

Corsair Carbide 100r pg 4.2b

Also, I must say that for a beginner “Case Theme Modder” this case could be perfect for that too. I generally call them Donor cases, as we used to call Donor cars. Donor cars were bought to fit our new body and paint kits. We would add the engine work, do the wiring and with an old Pontiac Fiero we could mod it to look like a classic Ferrari. That Pontiac Fiero was called the donor car. So this case, in the same spirit, can be considered great Donor case for that beginner Modder that wants to do a nice mod but doesn’t have all the money or backing from a few major money donors or companies supplying parts. This is a great case for a beginner gamer, A beginner Modder or of course the budget minded builder that needs quality and low cost to come to a very happy medium.

Fiero mod kit
Actually in closing of this forward I would say that the budget minded system builder might want to consider building in this case as it provides some the advantage of cases a hundred dollars more expensive and allow that builder to add more ram or a hotter Processor or video solution than he would have before because of the price of the case. This case price can make a builder happy and confident enough to go an extra step up in value or profit no matter the ways and means of the builder.

Let’s look at the offering:

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