Corsair Carbide Series 100R Case Review

Final Thoughts
final build photo

I guess the first thing we need to know is this is not a top of the line case and was never designed to be. It was meant to be the best Econ-o-Box that they could get. The great thing about it is the paint, the plastic front Obsidian look, the side grill inlet that controls frontal noise and the window. Also I want to give a special thanks to Corsair for including those rubberized thumbscrews on the back that hold the panels in. Those are so nice on a builders fingers.

Modding cut out

Well what I wasn’t impressed with the most was the lack of CPU back access from the small hole and the P8 CPU Power wire access point. The clearance at the top is non existence so if you want to add a few fans to the top do it last after everything else is done and route your wires to that hole that is now under the board now. The Corsair logo on the all in one cooler will be sideways but that is getting close to picking nits.

Overall, this case would not be the best for a beginner but someone that has had a few builds under their belts because the “Build Experience Level” for this case can get high if you want water cooling and you want to use a power supply that does not use ribbon cables.

If you were to ask me personally if I like this case I would have to say yes I do. Its not for everyone but if you are an experienced builder and you want to save some money on a budget build then this might be your cup of tea.

This case would be great for an inexpensive modding case.

Overall I do have to give this case a 7 out of 10, but I really like the case, and I mean I really like it a lot. It just needs some work to make it absolutely worthy of the outer beauty this case shows and that Corsair could provide. Thanks to Corsair for building a great little low cost case and the rubber thumbscrews. My fingers said “Thanks”.

rating7 10 small

– Paint job is excellent
– looks are classic Obsidian
– panel and buttons are well positioned.
– Strong yet light-weight
– Front water “AIO” install is very quiet.
– I liked the reset button placement and the lighted controls
– Rubber coated thumb screws.

– CPU access Hole is not large enough for the ATX.. Get you Dremel ready
– P8 or CPU power cord hole is near is too close to I/O Shield and top corner stand-off
– Clearance at top is non-existent except for two 120 fans.
– Back Fan reverberates with the thin steel in the back.
– no Rubber grommets for sound suppression
– Wire management tie offs did not fit my build but could fit others

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