Corsair Carbide Series 100R Case Review

First you might think that I would say that Corsair saved big by lowing the standard of the packaging. No they didn’t. They actually used a strong double corrugated box that is pretty heavy duty but they did save on the printing on that box. Not much there but some black outlines and lettering and the usual Brand Logo and picture on the front. That is where they saved their money and that was a smart move.

Front of box

The sides of the boxes have the usual handles and the logo with specs in six different languages and a silhouette of the case front and the case side panel with a sticker at the top that indicates that this one is the windowed version.

Sides of box

The back has the same silhouette with the addition of the dimensions of the case for height, width, and length. The features of the case is described in six different languages again. Basically like the old TV Show quote, says it best “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

back of box

I like opening my boxes from the bottom so from the bottom you can see how the packaging is laid out. There is a nice owners guide book a warranty and registration and the case is tightly packed in to the factory drop on box.

Open Box

The Styrofoam is thin, but this case is not heavy so there is plenty of shock value to this packaging. The case is actually really lightweight so this amount of foam is plenty for the Corsair Carbide 100R. Its small but very compacted Styrofoam that is really tough to break. If you happen to get this case with broken Styrofoam, I would really be suspicious of damage because the likelihood that damage would occur is high, if the foam broken, since it is that well isolated from shock.

Styro Wrapped

The bag is (Low-density polyethylene 04) that has a density of .9-.91 grams/CM3. which according to says that this material is “is resistant to acids, bases, saline solutions, water, alcohol and oil. Under 60°C, it is practically insoluble in nearly all organic solvents.

PE can readily withstand ionized rays if they are not too strong and will not become radioactive itself. It is furthermore readily weldable, although there are problems involved in gluing
and decorating PE. The surfaces will allow imprinting or painting to adhere only after physical or chemical pre-treatment.

Bonding can only be done with the help of contact glue, although such adhesive bonds cannot be subject to very high mechanical loads.

So to make a very highly technical thing simple this bag is made to keep chemicals and water and of course dust from damaging the case. But its about the strength of your average sandwich bag. The good kind.

Bagged case

The side viewing window is large and covered on both sides with a material that acts like static plastic that sticks to anything plastic and will attach itself very stably without falling off and keeps the window pristine until your little brother comes in with his new Exact-o-knife to cut it, after you stole his ice cream from him earlier in the day.

Window covered

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