Corsair Carbide Series 100R Case Review

Corsair Carbide 100R Computer Case
The outer side of the case has the look of the high dollar Corsair Obsidian but don’t think that you are getting an Obsidian for this price. This case is light as any case I have ever tested but the Structural integrity of the bracing and the high quality Rivets make up for the thin metal that it is made of. During my whole test I was amazed at how light the case was being made of steel but it never seemed to bend anywhere except when I was forcing the Panels on after the build. The case is built with very thin gauge steel but its a strong little case.

Feature Image

The window is as nice as most any other case on the market except for the In-Win Tempered Glass cases. The window is clear and not smoked and the panel is very light.

Window panel side

The case frame does not allow a lot of wire management room behind the motherboard tray but the outcropped indention on the panel makes up for the room that you don’t get with the frame itself and the case panels go on as good as these type panels do. That is to say a person wishes to have 3 arms when trying to attach the panels back on and get it right. It took me about 3 times for the windowed side and 6 or more times for the back wire management side but to be honest I have had this problem with cases twice this price.

Non Windowed side

This case has very low clearance so don’t plan on getting a radiator on top of it unless you are mounting the radiator on the top of the case; but you can still install two 120 mm exhaust fans at the top inside the case if you wait until after you install the motherboard, but that is for later. The case steel is thin and bendable but still strong enough up and down though it could be bent easily pushing out or into the walls harshly.

top and bottom Revised

The back exhaust fan air holes are for the 120mm fan only and is thin enough to vibrate so rubber grommets on the fan mounting would help greatly as this case will vibrate because of the slim steel construction but if you don’t mind putting some rubber on the mounts it will be fine.

The lower PCI Slots are vented and the mounting screws are covered with a guard that keeps any unwanted screwdrivers from getting any ideas for a quick release grab and get away. The back panel thumbscrews are amazingly comfortable and probably my favorite thing about the whole case because my thumbs never ache when I have to torque them down. The front panel is clean and looks much more expensive than its price and the front controls are well placed and convenient.

front and back

This case is made by Corsair for Corsair parts. The short 6 inch Power supplies are the best to use but I used a longer one so I pointed my fan upward but if you have the shorter 6 inch power boxes you can set it to pull in fresh air from the bottom. the filter is made okay and it locks into place with two extensions that hold the filter into the case, so you just push down a little on the filter element and it will slide right out of the back.

Filter for PSU

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