Corsair H150i Pro Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts
It’s obvious at this time that Corsair is really hitting their stride with their AiO line. They have always been a leader in closed loop cooling but often both design and performance were really nothing to write home about and landed them in the middle of the road. The H150i PRO represents a maturation in the line that brings them all the way to the top level. Pulling the AiO from the box it is immediately evident that the build and material quality are both very high. Simply, the feel is solid with no noticeable corners cut to save on cost. Particularly the new compact pump is almost entirely perfectly designed and is aesthetically leaps and bounds ahead of others from Corsair’s previous offerings. The easy swap method for the bracket is intelligent and obvious at the same time, we expect to see similar methods employed by the competition soon. While the RGB LED lighting isn’t quite up to the same level as what we have seen from NZXT and others it’s nice that it was included. It lacks the same impact as the other RGB systems but it does at least allow you to match the rest of your cases lighting which is nice. As for performance the H150i PRO excels in both thermal dissipation and acoustics. The new leader in cooling performance is here at 3°C cooler than the next best. The 360mm rad in this kit is enough to do some pretty legit overclocking. Most users need not look for a better kit.

If we are going to nit pick, and of course we are, there are a couple of small discrepancies that fell through the cracks at Corsair. The first is the wiring coming from the pump. It’s simply odd that the engineers would place it between the swivel fittings. It restricts you a fair amount in the way you can arrange the tubing. The last item is pricing and really it falls in between the pros and cons. MSRP is $169.99. For an AiO this is a very high price, it is right in the neighborhood of an entry level custom watercooling kit. However the performance we saw was as good or better than some kits. Ultimately it comes down to whether you want to be able to change or add to your loop.

Overall would like to award the H150i PRO with a 10 out of 10 score as well as the Editors Choice Award!

– Fit and Finish
– Ease of installation
– Aesthetics
– Top tier performance
– Quiet

– Low adjustability on the swivel fittings

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