Reeven KIRAN RGB Fans Review

Having taken a look at quite a few products from Reeven in the past, we were definitely interested to look at their first RGB fan offering, the KIRAN. The KIRAN is a standalone RGB fan, meaning each individual fan has a built-in lighting controller, and offers PWM control over the fan’s speeds. In this review we will be taking a look at how Reeven has integrated RGB lighting into their first fan of its kind.

Special thanks to Reeven for providing the KIRAN review samples!

Reeven KIRAN Box3 Large


Fluid Dynamic Bearing
To ensure a long lifespan, as well as quiet operation, Reeven has used a FDB to keep things spinning smoothly for the life of the fan.

High Airflow
The 11 fan blades found on the KIRAN have been designed with high airflow in mind, which makes them great for intake and exhaust duties.

Rubber Pads
Each side of every corner of the fan body sports a soft rubber pad that helps reduce vibrations, and in turn noise, to assist in maintaining a quiet system.

Simple Control
The single-button controller found on the KIRAN allows users to cycle through seven colors and three lighting modes.


Fan Dimension: 120mm x 120mm x 25mm
Bearing Type: Fluid Dynamic Bearing
MTTF: 120,000 Hours
Voltage: 12V
Weight: 150g
Function: Color Memory Function
Connector: 4-pin PWM
Fan Speed: 400-1,500RPM
Air Flow: 14-64.8CFM
Static Pressure: 0.10-2.95mm H2O
Noise Level: 6.0-33.6dBA
Current: 0.20A


The KIRAN comes packaged in a nice retail box that gives a good look at what buyers can expect with this fan. The front of the box shows off a bit of the RGB aspect of the KIRAN, as well as the translucent portion of the fan frame and rubber pads.

Reeven KIRAN Box1 Large

The back side of the packaging shows off the seven available colors of the KIRAN, as well as a specifications table in multiple languages.

Reeven KIRAN Box2 Large


Included with the fan are four self-threading screws, and a Y splitter to accommodate multiple PWM fans. We really like the braided cable sleeve found on the splitter, as it increases the quality feel of the fan.

Reeven KIRAN Acc Large