In Win Aurora RGB Fans Review

It seems there are RGB fans everywhere these days, almost every company we know makes them. We have In Win’s Aurora RGB fans up for review today. These fans are In Win’s second forte into the RGB fan realm and it seems they have took a lot of time to get things right. The fans can easily be daisy-chained together, offer vibration dampening, can be connected and controller via an RGB header on your motherboard, or with the included controller you can customize them with In Win’s application. On top of that the 3-pack, which we are reviewing today, comes with 2 RGB LED strips so you can really light up the inside of your system! Let’s take a look at these fans and see what they are all about!

Special thanks to In Win for providing us with the Aurora RGB Fans to review.


aurora specs 1 aurora specs 2

The In Win Aurora fans come in a pretty large box. On the front of the box we have pictures of the two versions of the fans. There is a black frame with white top plate, and a black frame with black top plate. Also on the front it shows the fans in action and some of the main features are listed.

In Win Aurora RGB Fans

Flipping over to the back we have a full list of everything that comes in the package, a list of features as well as specifications.

In Win Aurora RGB Fans

Getting everything out of the box we have the three Aurora fans, controller, two RGB LED strips, all of the wires to connect everything, mounting screws, zip ties, and a user’s guide.

In Win Aurora RGB Fans

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