In Win Aurora RGB Fans Review

Final Thoughts
So the Aurora fans are In Win’s second RGB fans and they are a very compelling kit for many people looking to outfit their system with RGB fans. One big thing that sets this kit apart from others is that it comes with 2 full-size RGB LED strips! So not only are you going to get the RGB fans, but you are going to get RGB strips that will light up the inside of your case nicely as well as be in sync with the fans making for an overall nice looking system.

In Win Aurora RGB Fans

The fans themselves are pretty nice and don’t do a bad job either. While in PWM mode they run between 800-1400 RPM and at that top speed of 1400 RPM they push 40.26 CFM of air with a noise level of 30dBA. At this top speed they are pretty quiet. There is also a turbo mode, which puts the fans at 2000 RPM. The fans have rubberized corners to help with vibration noise and there are visual indicators on the frame to show which direction airflow will be.

When it comes to installation these fans are pretty easy to install. In Win includes everything you’ll need to install the fans and provides both short and long cables so if you fans are close you won’t have as much of a cable mess. On top of that you daisy-chain the fans so you only have 1 cable going in, and one cable going out of each fan.

One thing I was not as impressed with when it came to these fans is the software. While it does offer you fan controls and the ability to cycle through different modes you don’t have the actual ability to select a specific color you want. Many other different RGB software allows this and gives you true customization, with In Win’s software you are limited and have no idea what mode you are on you just have to cycle through them with the + and – in the software.

I think at the end of the day you are getting a lot of value with this kit. You get three RGB fans, two RGB strips, and a controller that allows you to use the In Win software to control everything. Also if you need to add more fans you can easily do so. Right now this kit is selling for $79.00 at our favorite online retailer. Overall ThinkComputers gives the In Win Aurora RGB Fans an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10

– Comes with 3 fans plus 2 RGB LED strips
– Easy to install
– Fans are daisy-chained
– Not that loud at all
– A nice handful of different effects

– Not the brightest fans out there
– Software is very limited

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