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In Win Aurora RGB Fans

In Win Aurora RGB Fans Review

It seems there are RGB fans everywhere these days, almost every company we know makes them. We have In Win's Aurora RGB fans up for review today. These fans are In Win's second forte into the RGB fan realm and it seems they have took a lot of time to get things right. The fans can easily be daisy-chained together, offer vibration dampening, can be connected and controller via an RGB header on your motherboard, or with the included controller you can customize them with In Win's application. On top of that the 3-pack, which we are reviewing today, comes with 2 RGB LED strips so you can really light up the inside of your system! Let's take a look at these fans and see what they are all about!

Corsair ML120 PRO LED Fans

Corsair ML120 PRO LED Fans Review

Of all the PC parts that we research and drool over, YouYube, pre-order, and add to cart, there is one that is almost always left of the list. Not only do they not get much attention from most builders, they are often forgotten until the very end. And it’s a complete shame really because a hasty or monetary based decision can often lead to a less than desireable finished product. So what is this red headed stepchild of the PC? Fans of course! Personally I love fans. They are one of the first things that I consider when working on a new build. The reason as I said, is that your fan choice can seriously make or break your rig. Budget fans are often noisy, gaudy, and will generally fail early or arrive non-functional altogether. Fortunately our beloved parts manufacturers have your back and there is a whole load of options to choose from. Today we’ll be taking a look at a brand new offering from one of the strongest companies in the market, the ML120 PRO LED by Corsair. Follow along as we try out a set of six of these new air pushers to see if they are worthy of more of your attention or just another boring plastic square to pass over.

Noctua NH-L9x65
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Noctua Launches NH-L9x65 Low-profile CPU Cooler and NF-A6x25 PWM Fan

Continuing its recent focus on premium grade cooling components for compact systems such as ITX based gaming or Home Theater PCs, Noctua today released its new NH-L9x65 low-profile cooler and a 4-pin PWM version of its popular NF-A6x25 60mm fan. While the latter adds PWM support for automatic speed control to the proven NF-A6x25 design, the NH-L9x65 is a taller, performance-enhanced version of Noctua's award-winning NH-L9 low-profile coolers.

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Zalman Updates Entire Line of Fans

After experimenting with different options for fan blade design, Zalman has taken cue from the scientifically proven "shark fin" blade design that many manufacturers have adopted. This design is proven to reduce turbulance coming of the back side of the blades. With reduced turbulance, the blades are more stable, wear less on the bearings, and noise is significantly reduced.

Phanteks PH-F140XP Premium Fan
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Phanteks Launch the PH-F140XP Premium Fan

Phanteks has introduced the latest PH-F140XP Series premium case/radiator fans. PH-F140XP with PWM caters  in a way that it provides maximum performance with silent operation. PH-F140XP also encloses a 140mm mounting hole and offers fan upgrade option for users who want modified airflow for their cases and radiators.

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NZXT Announces the New FZ-200 200mm Enthusiast Fan

There’s nothing more disappointing than building the ultimate gaming PC, and then finding out that peak performance is not being attained or maximum potential is being capped because of poor cooling. NZXT is proud to bring you the new FZ-200 – a monster of a fan so powerful, you could replace multiple fans with just one of it. Our engineers started off big. The new FZ-200 is 200mm large and boasts a 103CFM rating. This means you’re doing more with less. A single FZ-200 can provide double or triple the air-flow of smaller 120mm case fans. And because you’re using less fans you’re also reducing power usage and noise.

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